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Ford Racing 427 Sound

Ford Racing 427 Sound

I took time out to record the sound of the Ford Racing X head 427 (450 HP).  Exhaust flows from Hooker shorty swap headers into a BBK H-Pipe then into Bassani dual catback:

Stock 302 Mustang Sound

I recorded the same clip for the original 215 HP 302.  The sound is as original as you get…the car has 2,400 miles on it with the stock (RASPY) Ford OEM exhaust in place:

New Ford Racing X-Head 427 (M-6007-X427FRT)

Here’s the “basic” new engine:MG_0025-Crop-2

  • Ford Racing X-Head 427 – 450 HP / 520 ft-lb torque
  • Quicktime Ford 351 bellhousing
  • Tremec TKO 600 5 speed transmission

Welcome to 427 Mustang!


This site is dedicated the steps, challenges and victories in retrofitting a Ford Racing  X-Head 427 engine into a 1994 SN95 Mustang GT.

In short:

  • YES, the Ford Racing M-6007-X427FRT 450 HP/520 ft-lb engine does fit into a SN95 Mustang
  • YES, both the engine and the Mustang require modifications…you will not have to use a cutting torch/welder to get the engine to fit
  • Yes, if you modify one thing, you’ll find that you have to modify two other things that you never thought about
  • YES, you will send Summit Racing and Jeg’s a lot of money…they will become your best friends
  • YES, there are many ways to tackle this project…some ways require more money than others
  • YES, part vendors advertise that their parts will fit the SN95…sometimes they don’t
  • YES, some vendors will send you defective products…you will learn to check parts before installing them
  • Yes, eventually this site will answer: How can I do a 351W engine swap in a SN95 Mustang GT in less than 1,721 steps

I hope to to give give all builders the benefit of my experience … hopefully you will save some $$$ and a whole lot of whiskey.