Welcome to 427 Mustang!


This site is dedicated the steps, challenges and victories in retrofitting a Ford Racing  X-Head 427 engine into a 1994 SN95 Mustang GT.

In short:

  • YES, the Ford Racing M-6007-X427FRT 450 HP/520 ft-lb engine does fit into a SN95 Mustang
  • YES, both the engine and the Mustang require modifications…you will not have to use a cutting torch/welder to get the engine to fit
  • Yes, if you modify one thing, you’ll find that you have to modify two other things that you never thought about
  • YES, you will send Summit Racing and Jeg’s a lot of money…they will become your best friends
  • YES, there are many ways to tackle this project…some ways require more money than others
  • YES, part vendors advertise that their parts will fit the SN95…sometimes they don’t
  • YES, some vendors will send you defective products…you will learn to check parts before installing them
  • Yes, eventually this site will answer: How can I do a 351W engine swap in a SN95 Mustang GT in less than 1,721 steps

I hope to to give give all builders the benefit of my experience … hopefully you will save some $$$ and a whole lot of whiskey.


3 Responses to Welcome to 427 Mustang!

  1. Chris Lopez says:

    Amazing website!!!! I love the fact that you were so detailed with this build, truly Amazing website. Truly a work of art!!!

  2. John says:

    I am considering a 427 crate motor and the Tremec trans. for my 1994 Cobra. How much does a project like this cost (roughly)? I would be paying a shop to do all the work. So what would labor be and what would parts cost? I just need an educated guess. Thanks.

    • combustion says:

      I paid $12k for the car (with only 2400 miles). The motor was $9k, but plan on tripling that for all the goodies that you have to hang on it (e.g., $4.5k for the Pro-Flo 2 which does include the distributor and intake, headers, TKO600, flywheel, RAM high-torque single-disc clutch, bellhousing, etc. All stuff added up…$43k in the car…all my labor. There are many ways to cut the cost such as less exotic motor…there are many great engine rebuilders that will get you a hydraulic roller cam, forged crank, etc. for a lot less cost. If you stick a carburetor on instead of fuel injecting, it would be a lot less. I got great aluminum wheels from Center Line, but they had to be custom made because of the offset. I hope that helps.

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